Being live webcam performer vs working at venues

Most of the people over there always assume that cam girls are strippers and treats them the same way. But reality is different, these two jobs are far away from being the same. It’s different from perspective of where you are working and what you are willing to do as a cam girl or stripper in club. Most people are actually having their jaws drop after they find the differences. Let’s have a look and compare these two.

The place where you perform

Most of the girls who are working as strippers go to their work place – strip club. Some others agree for outcall to hotels and private parties to perform there. The reality is that girls who work in public venues have to deal with hateful or rude clients who avoid all the rules and the one that is broken most of often is no touching, for example. Customers have to know the rules, but of course the world is not perfect and they are often ignored. It’s handled fast in the club by bouncers, but nothing can stop the person to wait for you in the parking lot. It’s scary.

Now webcam girls are working from home most of the time. There are also studios where they gather. The main idea is that they work from places where they feel comfortable. The company providing platform for live shows has rules to protect girls and special features in software. It’s always best to choose a company with long history and known for taking care of their performers, one is Jasmin Live – top choice by girls wanting to perform online. No traveling to other locations where danger might occur. This alone eliminates the problem of offensive clients. Internet magic allows simply to block him and forget. There is no danger that he will chase you by the way home.

The main difference is that strippers have to risk their safety by traveling and appearing in dangerous situations. With webcam girl situation is different – they are not leaving home and ability to block people with a click of the mouse makes their lives much easier and safer.

Working hours

If you ask any girl what is the benefit of being a webcam girl – most of the time you will hear that it’s a free working schedule. On the other hand, strippers are dependent on the schedule made by strip club administration or person who hires them for private show. They must go out and perform on agreed date and time, or they face the possibility of being fired. If the club is facing problems with a lack of customers, working hours may be cut, which also cuts the income and may be the reason for coming financial troubles.

The positive thing about being a stripper is that you have breaks between your shows where you can rest and prepare for the next performance.

Webcam girls have all the freedom they want. Work then they want and rest by the will. Just a few clicks and they are live and ready to perform. If they need some additional income, they can work longer hours online. It’s totally up to them how long and when to perform.

webcam girls

The down side is that webcam girls are working with lots of clients at the same time. Situations where the girl finishes her private shows and notification comes in that one more client is in line waiting for private show comes in. This is a situation where the girl doesn’t have any breaks and resulting in long working hours. However, this also means they are earning a good money.

To finish this off, there are plenty of advantages of being a cam girl versus working as a club stripper. Having your own schedule of work and total freedom is a big advantage. Eliminating fear of rude clients waiting for you outside by simply blocking them from chat room is a huge advantage. There are many more advantages, but just think about all the drama that strippers deal with and webcam girls has the chance to avoid it all.