How To Strip Tease in a Proper Way

There comes night, and in you the dirty strip dancer wakes up. And still before you manage to include common sense, already say fatal: “Do you want, I will dance to you a striptease?” He, of course, agrees. Let’s lower a pity veil over the end of this scene. Sometimes, that each of us wants to feel the stripper, to execute dance on a lap at the boyfriend and to receive a tip in shorts. But how to dance a striptease so that it validly was sexual, but is not ridiculous (and that all remained are whole)? We share secrets!

Forget about acrobatics!

stripperPff, you say, same it is obvious. Here not. You do not imagine how many women were traumatized. Bruises, the torn ligaments, injuries of an ankle and even concussion …

Let’s agree: it not a performance on the stage, and your purpose – not to impress the boyfriend with a threefold somersault, and to bring him. First of all it concerns an extension. Even if it seems to you that here now you also will stretch out, it will not happen. Or will happen, but it will be the last element which you executed. Yes, we know that when you in the third class went to a choreography circle, you parted in a twine easier than all. But you not in the third class, are not warmed and do not want to risk the sheaves.

The same concerns any jumps (protect the head) and deflections (protect a back). Generally, it is better to move more slowly and with a smaller amplitude, than to go to emergency station.
Do not do it without preparation

Any dance, even a house striptease, demands preparation and a warming up. It is not obligatory to think over all dance from the first to the last note at all, but you have to have a concept of dance.

That it is necessary for you: the main set of movements which you are going to execute, and an order of their performance. It is better to rehearse the movements several times that there were no surprises. At least once you have to banish dance one in full vestments to provide any accidents. So, you will know, for example, that here a floor slippery, it is easy to falter about edge of a carpet here, on this movement at you the dressing gown clings to a heel, and at this moment it is necessary to be accurate not to push the boyfriend around.

Put on what easily is taken off

The frequent mistake which is made by beginning “strippers” is excessive quantity of clothes. It seems to them that the longer they will remove her, the stronger dance will excite imagination of the partner.

And here we face a problem. The jammed brassiere hooks – half the problem, and here need, say, to pull together from itself jeans, throw them on the floor … Let’s call it “death to the sex drive”. Shortly about clothes objects which have to be on you:

  • Brassiere. It is ideal if it is with a fastener in front – so it will be simpler to be removed, and it looks more intriguingly. Actually, the bra opens an improbable scope for imagination. As additional accessories it is possible to use “harness” from thin leather thongs or stickers on nipples.
  • Shorts. Here everything depends on taste and on physical data, but, actually, thongs and Tango show to advantage not so as it seems to you, especially in some movements. Consider other options: lacy shorts, pants with a corset zipper or even shorts with a cut between legs.
  • Stockings. It is possible to add them with a belt – with it will move more difficult, but the effect will be stunning.
  • Dressing gown. From above it is possible to throw with an easy silk dressing gown. Probably, it is not necessary to write that it is desirable that it was not the same in which you lie on a sofa on Saturdays with a cat in one hand and the laptop – in another? And business even not in sexuality of a concrete thing, and that the striptease is a surprise, surprise and your partner will see you in something in what did not see earlier.

About footwear we will talk separately.

Put on soft heel-taps heels

On the one hand, well what striptease without heels? They well outline foot, tighten calves and buttocks, but … clink. And if you have in the room linoleum, then leave the pressed points.

Why soft heel-taps are necessary? If you do not live in the private house, then you, most likely, have neighbors. You know, nothing so destroys romanticism as the angered aunt Valerie from the third floor which presses on a call as if squeezes out of you last straws of conscience.

Secondly, when dance is executed in club, is one, there is almost not heard as you clink, houses the sound will be absolutely differently.

sexy strip babe

Choose slow music

… and well familiar. It will not be pleasant to you if the track unexpectedly breaks when you still even did not untie a dressing gown.

This music has to be pleasant to you. Ideal time – 2−3 minutes. The composition for 5 minutes will be too tightened, both of you will be tired.

Play with your hair

Consider that hair are a one more your scenic requisite. We recommend to pull together prior to dance them in not hard bunch, and after to let hair down. Twist the head, allow it to touch your ringlets, tickle it tips. Generally, all in your hands. And head.

Use a requisite, but it is not enough!

You need a chair to take off stockings. Seriously, the best way to make it is erotic – to put a leg on a chair, to pick up edge of a stocking and to pull together it down.

Actually, remember the main theatrical rule: “If the gun hangs on the stage, it will shoot”. No, please, it is not necessary to shoot at anybody. The sense is in to taking too much requisite. Take one element which will add your image.