7 Striptease Moves That Will Drive a Man Crazy

It is possible to find a lot of various information which you will not meet any more anywhere in female magazines. As the man behaves in this or that situation as women perceive our actions that expect from the relations and. etc.
Let’s provide one article written by the woman for one female magazine, but who will be rather interesting to men.

Dirty dances

Let’s assume what you know what tricks are applied by the girl that to bring you, however you should not hurry and explain her it. Let’s describe seven very simple movements a strip-dance. Therefore, just sit down, relax and allow the girl to make everything. Also, it is recommended to buy footwear for a striptease, for greater effect).

blond stripper

Seductive movements

Do you want to bring your guy? It not the same, what are you doing with it in a bed. Of course, good sex does you by a star in his eyes, but if you know how to tease it, then it will make you a legend. Do not you trust? In the book “Small Secrets of Dances of Seducing for Your Lover”, the performer of exotic dances Rebecca Drury described seven main (and very erotic) movements Lap Dance strip-dance (a striptease “with a chair”) which affect always and any man. You can thank us later.

1-Circular motions

Become at distance of 60 cm from your partner, legs are placed separately at distance slightly more than width of shoulders. Begin to do by shoulders circular motions, at the same time the back has to be equal or is rejected a little back. Now slowly bend knees and begin to do by them circular motions, falling at the same time, then rise. Repeat these wavy movements of hips and dance erotically. It is very important to hold at the same time a back exactly, or it is a little back as if you bend forward, then you risk to become similar to the fighter of sumo.


In time a strip-dance you have to show all your advantages therefore sometimes it is necessary to do turns. For bigger effect turn slowly, your friend has to notice everything. If just you train, then try to define in what direction you turn more naturally. And not worry too much about how you do it; slowly and surely you will achieve the necessary effect. Rotate hips and you remember the movement of your hands. As far as possible, try not to release from a type of your partner at turns.

3-Slaps and stroking’s

Turn a back to the partner, and on direct legs bend down a little forward, turn the head, coquettishly look at him, and slightly slap yourself on the back. I guarantee, it will force it to smile. One more option: still, a back to it, gently you drive a hand on anklebones, gradually moving apart legs. Slowly bend down so that your buttocks were at the level of his eyes. Bend one leg, and straighten the second leg. Run a hand over the straightened leg below up, raise the head over the corresponding shoulder and look at it. Slap in buttocks a little stronger. Repeat on the other hand.

4-Lap dance

Gracefully dancing before the partner, become to him a back and cramp legs together. You watch that you were so close to a chair (chair) as far as it is possible. Now bend legs, the back at the same time has to be a straight line, and gently put your hands to it on knees. Lower buttocks to it on legs, you will not feel touch of trousers on the skin yet. Then, using knees as a support, begin to do circular motions by hips or to move back and forth. If you are able, then you look through a shoulder at your partner. Quite difficultly to make it. Be especially careful when your buttocks are near his groin. If you hurt it, then he any more will never allow you to dance for it.

lap dance

5-Touches of a breasts

Each girl has the personal aroma which gathers in a depression in the ground between her breasts, is not dependent on the size of a breast or the used perfumery. It is strong aphrodisiac. Draw near closer space between his knees. Facing it on direct legs, slowly bend and put hands on a chair behind his back. Strong holding a chair back, move up your breast to his face. His nose has to be just in a depression in the ground. For strengthening of effect, try to rock here and there to concern a sconce of the end of his nose. Try to move seductively all the time.

6-Slaps knees

Facing the partner become near him so close as far as it allows a chair. Put the legs between his legs. Slightly press a knee his groin. Bend to it and gently blow to it in an ear or on the person. You can even exchange a drink of wine or champagne or to allow it to pinch wine or champagne from your breast. As option, make the following: Become before your partner, then squeeze one of his knees the knees and gently carry out on his hip forward and back. Tremendous impressions. Somehow ask it to make most for you too.

7-Stroking of a body

Standing between legs of your partner, bend forward and put your hands on a chair back behind his back. Put one knee to it on legs and raise your body. After that kneel before it, sliding on his body all the time. To rise, use his knees and do it beautifully and sexually – at first raise buttocks, then sharply wave hair, having touched his face, and raise an upper body.